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I've been a ghostwriter since 2007 (holy shit, that's a long time), and have worked with iconic celebs, public figures, health experts, shrinks, actors, comedians, shoppers, fashion designers, and the list goes on. The ones I can mention are in chronological order by pub date (newest to oldest). It's not a complete list. Some authors prefer me to be a true 100% ghost. No problem! It's all about the experience for me, no ego involved. I just like to work on cool projects with interesting people.



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"Engrossing!"—Publishers Weekly.
Nominated for a Quills Award! Now in its fourth printing! "Wickedly entertaining."—People "Draws laughs."—EW
Now in its fourth printing!
Now in it's tenth printing!
Now in its eleventh printing!
"Refreshing! Entertaining! Funny! Warm!"—PW "Hilarious! Helpful, hard-won insight!"—Kirkus
"Funny! Satisfying!"—People "Witty! Candid!"—Kirkus
Nominated for a Cyril Award!
Nominated for a Cyril Award!
Book #3 in the Fringe Girl series
Book #4 in the Fringe Girl series


Publishers Weekly Bestseller
USA Today Bestseller
Wall Street Journal Bestseller
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Times of London Bestseller

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Gorgeous cover, gorgeous woman inside and out

Snooki's first memoir, our third book.

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Remember #ghostwritergate? Yeah

Big Ang, RIP! She made the best meatballs and gravy I've ever tasted.

This novel made some noise.

God, how I miss this woman. Joan Rivers, you were the greatest!

My first big official collab was with the owner of a sex toy company. Learned a lot.