Some Nice Things Clients Have Said About Me

“Valerie Frankel, as I told you a million times a day, I appreciate you and can’t thank you enough for going through this experience with me. Considering the intense pressure we were under and the at times painful subject matter, we sure did laugh a lot and have way more fun than I thought possible when writing a book. Thanks again for helping me share my memories and make happy new ones.”—Omarosa Manigault Newman

“Valerie Frankel, writer extraordinaire, thanks will never be enough to tell you how grateful I am for your continued support.”—Linda Gray

“Writing a book is like climbing a mountain. It is an incredible challenge made infinitely better with a great team. Standing at the top of this mountain, I must shout the praises of my gifted writing partner, Val Frankel. Her support, wisdom and enthusiasm throughout this process were of immeasurable. She manifest my vision so expertly and made it fun. She is my gift, my soul mate.”—Jamé Heskett

“Val Frankel can grasp an issue quicker than you can think it. Val, you are a life saver, and you know why.”—Jeanine Pirro

“Valerie Frankel, your tireless work, research and help were priceless. But more important to me is our long-standing friendship and the friendship you have with my family. You are awesome, and this book is my legacy. Thank you for everything.”—Michael Breus, Ph.D.

“Valerie Frankel has been a pleasure to work with from day one. The strength and ease of our collaboration is evident on every page. Thanks, Val, for accommodating my crazy schedule and making hard work so much fun.”—Ivana Trump

“Valerie Frankel got my voice and broke her ass to make this book what it is. When I met her in Atlantic City and we worked over the weekend, I knew I was in good hands. Thanks for giving me the confidence to make this book a hit.”—Sebastian Maniscalco

“You rock, Val!”—Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

“Val Frankel, my new BFF!”—John Sharp, M.D.

“Talented co-writer, bestselling novelist, and new friend, Valerie Frankel. Thank you so, so much!”—Joan Rivers



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"Engrossing!"—Publishers Weekly.
Nominated for a Quills Award! Now in its fourth printing! "Wickedly entertaining."—People "Draws laughs."—EW
Now in its fourth printing!
Now in it's tenth printing!
Now in its eleventh printing!
"Refreshing! Entertaining! Funny! Warm!"—PW "Hilarious! Helpful, hard-won insight!"—Kirkus
"Funny! Satisfying!"—People "Witty! Candid!"—Kirkus
Nominated for a Cyril Award!
Nominated for a Cyril Award!
Book #3 in the Fringe Girl series
Book #4 in the Fringe Girl series


Publishers Weekly Bestseller
USA Today Bestseller
Wall Street Journal Bestseller
Globe & Mail Bestseller
Times of London Bestseller

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