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I've heard that a website is the new business card. This is my actual business card (redacted):



Kindle Single!
"Engrossing!"—Publishers Weekly.
Nominated for a Quills Award! Now in its fourth printing! "Wickedly entertaining."—People "Draws laughs."—EW
Now in its fourth printing!
Now in it's tenth printing!
Now in its eleventh printing!
"Refreshing! Entertaining! Funny! Warm!"—PW "Hilarious! Helpful, hard-won insight!"—Kirkus
"Funny! Satisfying!"—People "Witty! Candid!"—Kirkus
Nominated for a Cyril Award!
Nominated for a Cyril Award!
Book #3 in the Fringe Girl series
Book #4 in the Fringe Girl series


For whatever reason, you have landed at my website. Maybe you heard my name in connection to a famous person and were curious? Maybe you are a famous person, were given my name by an editor or agent and wanted to know something about me before telling me your whole life story? Maybe you've read one of my books or articles and felt compelled to learn more about me?

Well, for starters, thanks for coming! Being a writer is kind of isolated, and it's very nice to have visitors.

I have been a professional writer for thirty years, and a full-time ghostwriter for ten. My career started in magazines (remember them?). For ten years, I was the articles editor at the late, great Mademoiselle. For that mag and dozens of others, I wrote articles about sex, dating, health, so-called women's issues, parenting, style, body image, confidence, etc. Because of my background in journalism, I have the chops to report and write books in a wide range of subject matter. I've collaborated with authors in the non-fiction spheres of health and wellness, sex, style, true crime, memoir, self-help, science, business and relationships. (Click on the Ghostwriter tab for a listing.)

As an author under my own name, I've also written non-fiction books (business, style, relationships), memoirs (on body image and toxic emotions) and sixteen novels for women of all ages. (Click on the Books tab above for descriptions.)

I've applied my novelist skills to ghostwriting as well, and have helped a few famous people create their own worlds and give life to their characters in funny, heartfelt stories.

Many people have asked me, "Why do you ghostwrite for other people? Why not just keep writing your own books?"

If you are thinking about hiring me, you are probably wondering the same thing.

The answer is, I like working with people. I like learning new things. I love a challenge. I am also a bit of a workaholic. Also, I am, have been, on a lifelong quest for inspiration. After thirty years as a writer, I know that inspiration from one's own life and experiences will only get you so far. I am inspired by the stories and messages of the people I work with.

The relationship between an author (you) and a writer (me) might seem artificial and bizarre at first. It can be awkward to hire a complete stranger to translate your words and stories to the page in your voice for your readers to enjoy. Someone you don't know at all is to become your confessor and confidante from day one? How does that even happen?

Many authors feel this way. First meetings can be uncomfortable. They think, "I'm supposed to tell this strange woman my life story, my emotions, things I haven't revealed to some of my best friends?"

I want you to know that my job is not to forcibly extract your secrets. My job is to help you share yourself and your message with humor (if applicable), accessible language, honesty and integrity. Sometimes, people need a little guidance getting to the heart of the matter, and as a veteran reporter and no-bullshit artist, I can help you figure that out, and structure your stories and message in book form. I'm very good at coming up with the one compelling theme, the one thread that will run through your entire book, the "hook," if you will, that makes your book easy to explain to people.

Anyway, let's talk. Let's figure things out. My ultimate goal with any collaboration is to make everyone happy and proud of the work we do together. So let's get started!