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“An engaging novel by seasoned author Valerie Frankel. The fresh dialogue, three-dimensional characters, and fast-moving plot lines are solidly entertaining.”—Publishers Weekly on Four of a Kind

“Chick lit meets memoir, this uproariously funny and deeply introspective novel should be a classic in chick lit memoir with its comedy, thoughtfulness, engaging narrative, and refreshing style. Frankel has great powers of observation and a sense of humor that will keep you laughing and up reading long past the time you need to go to bed or leave for work.”—Portland Book Review on It’s Hard Not to Hate You

“Considering her mother screamed and even cried when her daughter overate, it's no wonder Valerie Frankel struggled for decades with various body-image issues. But to her credit, Thin Is the New Happy is neither an indictment of her mother nor a gushfest on learning to love one's belly bulge. Rather, it's a gritty, funny tale about one woman's quest to jettison a lifetime's worth of hang-ups, not to mention a closet full of Old Navy duds. A-”—Entertainment Weekly on Thin Is the New Happy

"Quite simply, Frankel makes reading a blast. No premise is too outlandish and no character is without a set of flaws. The plot is cleverly kooky and not one many authors could realistically pull off. Frankel has an endless bag of tricks that seems to get deeper—and more hilarious—with every novel."—Romantic Times on I Take This Man

“Light, amusing, and generally entertaining, Smart Vs. Pretty is the story of two single sisters looking for love and business and success in Brooklyn Heights. It will be giving nothing away to say that they find both. Readers of Jane Heller's amusing novels will enjoy this fifth novel by Mademoiselle editor Val Frankel.”—Library Journal on Smart Vs. Pretty

“Amusing farce, with pearls of urban wisdom and some great zingers.”—Kirkus on The Accidental Virgin

"Glib and funny, Frankel's always wickedly entertaining."—People on The Girlfriend Curse

“You'll go gaga for this—a kooky romantic comedy about finding The One is the most unlikely of places."—Cosmopolitan on The Girlfriend Curse

"Lowdown: The city-mouse-in-the-country setup draws laughs."—Entertainment Weekly on The Girlfriend Curse



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"Engrossing!"—Publishers Weekly.
Nominated for a Quills Award! Now in its fourth printing! "Wickedly entertaining."—People "Draws laughs."—EW
Now in its fourth printing!
Now in it's tenth printing!
Now in its eleventh printing!
"Refreshing! Entertaining! Funny! Warm!"—PW "Hilarious! Helpful, hard-won insight!"—Kirkus
"Funny! Satisfying!"—People "Witty! Candid!"—Kirkus
Nominated for a Cyril Award!
Nominated for a Cyril Award!
Book #3 in the Fringe Girl series
Book #4 in the Fringe Girl series


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Omarosa Manigault Newman: Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House (Gallery, 2018)
Sebastian Maniscalco: Stay Hungry (Gallery, 2018)
Kari Byron: Crash Test Girl (HarperOne, 2018)
Mia Michaels: Unicorn In a World of Donkeys (Seal Press, 2018)
John Sharp, M.D.: The Insight Solution (Hay House, 2018)
Ivana Trump: Raising Trump (Gallery, 2017)
Catherine Malandrino: Une Femme Francaise (St. Martin’s Press, 2017)
Michael Breus, Ph.D.: The Power of When (Little, Brown, 2016)
Jamé Heskett, M.D.: The Well Path: Lose 20 Pounds, Reverse the Aging Process, Change Your Life (Harper Wave, 2016)
Jeanine Pirro: He Killed Them All: Robert Durst and My Quest for Justice (Gallery, 2015)
Shay Mitchell: Bliss (St. Martin’s, 2015), A.S.A.P. (St. Martin’s, 2019)
Linda Gray: The Road to Happiness Is Always Under Construction (Regan Arts, 2015)
Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi: Strong Is the New Sexy (Running Press, 2015), Baby Bumps (Running Press, 2014), Gorilla Beach (Gallery, 2012), A Shore Thing (Gallery, 2010)
Aviva Drescher: Leggy Blonde (Gallery, 2014)
Carrie Henderson and Lisa Winning, HeTexted!: The Ultimate Guide to Dating in the Digital Era (Gallery, 2014)
Melissa Gorga: Love Italian Style (St. Martin’s, 2013)
Stacy London: The Truth About Style (Viking, 2012)
Big Ang Raiola: Bigger Is Better (Gallery, 2012)
Joan Rivers: Men Are Stupid and They Like Big Boobs (Gallery, 2008)
Shannon Mullen: The Best You’ll Ever Have: What Every Woman Needs to Know About Getting and Giving Knock-Your-Socks Off Sex (Crown, 2004)

Jackie Chan: Never Grow Up (Gallery, 2018)
Ross Bridgeford: The Alkaline Reset Cleanse (Hay House, 2018)

Four Of A Kind (Ballantine, 2012)
Fringe Benefits (NAL, 2008)
American Fringe (NAL, 2008)
Fringe Girl In Love (NAL, 2007)
I Take This Man (Avon, 2007)
Fringe Girl (NAL, 2006)
Hex and the Single Girl (Avon, 2006)
The Girlfriend Curse (Avon, 2005)
The Not-So-Perfect Man (Avon, 2004)
The Accidental Virgin (Avon, 2003)
Smart Vs. Pretty (Avon, 2000)
A Body to Die For (Pocket, 1995)
Prime Time for Murder (Pocket, 1994)
Murder on Wheels (Pocket, 1992)
A Deadline for Murder (Pocket, 1991)

It’s Hard Not to Hate You (St. Martin’s, 2011)
Thin Is The New Happy (St. Martin’s, 2008)
Prime Time Style (with Ellen Tien, Perigee, 1996)
The I Hate My Job Handbook (with Ellen Tien, Ballantine 1996)
The Heartbreak Handbook (with Ellen Tien, Ballantine, 1994)

“Ouch, You’re On My Hair,” Behind The Bedroom Door (Bantam, 2008)
“I’ll Have Christmas With the Works On Rye, Hold the Ham and Jesus,” The Worst Noel: Hellish Holiday Tales (Harper Collins, 2005)
“Last Licks,” Vengeance Is Hers (Pocket, 1997)
“The Ugliest Woman in the World” Phobias (Pocket, 1994)

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